The story of Jo eating her first clove of raw Garlic

Just wish to share my raw garlic story/experience & rant this off alittle, haha.

So 10 minutes ago, I felt that tonight’s gonna be the night that i try eating a clove of RAW garlic. I read so much about eating raw garlic as a natural anti biotic and other health benefits, so i thought i must absolutely try it. And especially when theres so many darn spots on my tummy spreading.

So i unwrapped the new shiny garlic press i bought for this specific purpose, washed it and started to peel a clove of garlic. I took a clove of garlic and tried to figure out how to peel it(i have never peeled garlic before). So i tore off the skin slowly and then i pressed the garlic clove onto a spoon.

It looked like just a small bit of garlic. It did cross my mind perhaps i should press another clove. But i did not(thankfully!). So i proceed to eat alittle of it. OMG its spicy and sizzled my lips alittle. I quickly drank some water to neutralise it. So i thought, F, i should just eat the garlic with some water and gulp it down like a woMAN. Its a hassle to melt some honey just to eat this spoon down, and i cant eat bread.

So i did! It went down easy and smooth. Im usually quite good at eating bitter stuff.

But no! The next 10 seconds was intense. I salivate like mad, i felt the garlic burn its way down my throat, and perhaps churn alittle in my stomach? Then i felt like vomitting, perhaps the body is telling me im doing it wrong. I ran to the sink and prepared to vomit it out. My saliva dripped onto the sink like spilling off a cup. But nothing really came out. I felt so weak in my legs and uncomfy/sick, i had to sit at the kitchen for awhile. I thought perhaps my dinner had digested and i might need to eat something to neutralise the garlic, so i grabbed the cake(im not supposed to) and ate a small slice. I felt slightly better after awhile and walked to talk to my brother, who laughed at me! lol

And 10 minutes after, im feeling normal again. 😛

What an experience, never experienced anything like that. I hope what doesnt kill me, makes me stronger.

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