Day 255 – garlic soak

After reading a fb post from the ITSAN support group, im so interested to try out garlic baths. Apparently they are the ultimate antibiotic or bacterial killers. THIS is the website which set me off the “alive” garlic chase.

i finally dug out the garlic press again for the next round of experiments.  I bought the bag of french garlic for about SGD5 dollars plus. Its SUPER expensive compared to china garlic which cost only about 2 dollars plus? And with more bulbs?

To be honest, im not sure if i can tell the difference between the 2. Maybe tomorrow i will chop one side by side to compare the smell. I also bought a packet of 100 teabags from Daiso for sgd 2 dollars.

I peeled 3 cloves and pressed it with my shiny garlic press and spooned them into the teabag. Then left it for about 10mins and threw it into my pail of acv/epsom/tea tree oil leg soak.

What i ate today:

Breakfast: kfc porridge

Junks: lactogg, olivenol, mungbean soup, oreos, lemon biscuits..

Late Lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: rice with spinach, lotus soup, and pork cooked in ginger and pressed a clove of french garlic 

Why does my stomach always feel alittle weird upon eating a raw clove of garlic?

Is it me or my right leg is looking abit less red today after the garlic soak. Meh. Better not get my hopes up. 

Also, finally ordered another bunch of stuff from iherb. I ordered gelatin hydrolysate, vitamin d liquid, tea tree oil…


Day 136/137 – at home day

Day 136

woke up at 7am, slept abit more and got up at 12. Scratched my legs alittle and they both felt so raw. Decided to soak my legs in the afternoon in 1 cup acv, afew spoons of dss and tea tree oil. 

Skin is alittle itchy today

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice then ate 3 spoons of tcm

Dinner at 5 & 7: veg with rice, watercress soup, 2 spicy drumlets. With a big clove of raw garlic pressed in drank red rooibos tea

Raw garlic – mixed feelings eating it. I felt that sometimes even when pressed into soup, it can be abit too much for my stomach :S my stomach feels somewhat uncomfy upon eating it. I succuumbed to temptations n ate a fried chicken nugget in an attempt to calm my stomach. 

Day 137 

Actually i wanted to go out to have lunch with my sis and her fren but wellls. Seems my legs are having larger wounds and decided to stay home. 

My leg is like having more wounds -_- its itchy and i scratch sometimes during the day. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: juliet organic apple

Lunch: chicken rice and tcm med. drank rooibos tea

Dinner: rice with soup and spinach i think. And also ate a pork rib cooked in soup(hopefully its not too high in histamine) and tcm med. then drank lemon ginger tea

Sigh, skin been itchy past few days. I hope its not becos of the grilled indo chicken with curry that i had on sunday evening. Somehow my skin feels like its in a mini flare. The skin is fine but scratching leaves the skin red for afew hrs which looks like the skin is bad underneath. During flaring days, this is how the “bad skin” reacts. The skin on my thigh from previous flare is growing strong now. When will my other skin be smooth again?

My red sleeves feels like its coming back :S scratched my left arm today and its reddish. Looks like red sleeve is coming back. Aahhh. Go away!

On my leg, the skin is once again shedding. I cut off a big piece at night. Cut (because the other parts were not ready to come off yet). Seriously when it stinks, its time the skin comes off. I took a pic of the skin coming off but i shall not post it here n gross out ppl -_-