Day 98 – talk with mum

Yesterday i drank some coffee and took atarax to sleep. Not becos i was itching like mad after the workshop, but that i really wanted a good night’s sleep and desperate for some healing to take place.

It was kinda hard to sleep. My left ear is like so red and burning and oozing. Hair keeps getting stuck on it. My right ear is better but not THAT bad. 

Neck is horrible… Crusty…its hard to sleep and later be irritated by the sweat..

Fingers. Yesterday night i bandaged my right index finger with vaseline. Looking good today. 🙂 I also vaseline bandaged my left middle finger, looks good too! 🙂

Arms.. I bandaged my wrists to prevent night time scratching. This morning the bandages are intact. 🙂 good! Im dying to report some healing on my elbow insides, unfortunately that arent showing much healing

Legs.. Good that i didnt (or rather forgot) if i did scratch them at night. 🙂

I woke up around 5.30pm, when i cant take my weepy left ear anymore.. And becos if i continue to sleep, my body clock will get so screwed and i cant wake for monday’s work?


My mum came in. She saw my (almost) full body flares, on my arms and legs, she was in sucha shock! She kept telling me to see a doctor. I told her the doctor will just ask me to apply steroids again, which i dont want. I told her my condition is not the worse yet. Then i quickly pulled Juliana’s blog to show her TSW symptoms and stuff, about how full body flares looked like, and that im not even there yet. She was worried. I hated to see that on her face. Its always an emotional moment for me to talk about my skin. I told her in this period, we just got to wait afew mths for the healing to start. In the meantime i could only rest and sleep. She asked if i have resigned from work. She said i should just resign and rest until im better. Im kinda relief to hear it. Although, i know anyhow, i will do just that. What really bothers and hurts me is my parents being so panicky about me and keep nagging for me to see a doctor(and reverse my progress). Sometimes i hope they will just cheer me on and tell me im okay. Or if they have nothing to add, just shutup and pretend im good. That will like lessen my stress.