Day 875 – 2yr 4mths+ – GP visit

I felt terrible the past few days. Days of fever! 38.2degC!

It all started on friday i guess. Friday i went to collect herbs from the tcm because it was finishing.  Then sneezed abit on the train, came back, night time, fulll blown. Nasal backflow etc.

Sat. Fever. Drippy nose. I missed a S$80 concert because of this. Rip my wallet. Spammed lots of paracetamol but the fever came back once the medicine subsided.

Sun. Surrender, decided to see a doc.

Monday. Went to see a doc in the morning. Told doc might be sore throat and flu. Got anti biotics(bearcef) , cough syrup (its pink and i dont know what is it) , more paracetamol.

I am silently hoping i dont get a bad reaction from the antibiotics like amoxicilin the last time. Which gave me red raw and oozy face legions. Sigh. Fingers crossed. I would hate to go on thailand trip this friday with a red raw face.

Weather in sg now is so seriously hot. I wake up only to look forward to sunset for some relief.

Today i woke up without the need to shower and wash away some yellow ooze. Kinda relieved about it. The past few days of fever seem to have dried it up. I hope this course of antibiotics doesnt worsen it 😦 plzplzplz