Day 344 – been lazy

chicken nuggets. Woke up this morning to the sound of a storm outside and raw hands. I stopped covering the back of my right hand with tissue n micropore tape. Past few days it was doing fine without any cover so i left it. This morning it was quite raw but okay. Its slightly uncomfy due to its “rawness” but manageable. Also raw is my left leg’s top. Scratched it abit raw during my sleep. Scratched the ankle too but… Well that parts always been raw. 

Past few days have been f itchy! I ate afew desloratadine/aerius.

My foot has also been f swollen. Really really swollen. 

Weather is quack too. I wonder if the erratic weather changes made me like that. 

But the consolation is that my healthy skin is soft n smooth. Weird. Its quite rare that my skin ever feels like that. Its like slightly bouncy and nicely moisturised underneath, although the surface has some peeling skin. Weird right. 

My tummy is now smooth n soft n 75% recovered from previous flare. Left are some dark spots. Chest area has some pink spots but majority is nice n smooth soft skin. Neck is tricky. Its still itchy AF after showers and having random itch fest but its now more resistant to scratching. And recovering.

What i ate day 344:

Breakfast: sun biscuit sausage muffin with black tea

Lunch: sweet sour chicken rice with celery 

Dinner: rice with radish/melon soup and dark green veg

Day 343:

Breakfast: kfc porridge

Lunch: gongcha earl grey milktea no sugar n pearls

Dinner: rice with dark green veg, sunbiscuit, banana biscuit

Day 342: 

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