Day 321 – itchy business

Today! I sat for JLPT N4 exam! Its another step up the ladder. I wonder if my flare will finally subside now that the semi present stress is gone. 

Skin. Grah! In the evening i noticed more yellow pusty vesicles under my fingers. F. I think thats dyshidrotic eczema / pompholyx. At least its what the tcm said. I rubbed my fingers rather raw 😦 then i soaked in acv. I think it got worst. After i took my hand out, im rubbing like madddd! 😦 

In yesterday’s tcm session. Mark was saying he used 97 needles. Small ones. Achievement unlocked! 

I felt that my face is better these 2 days. 

Today day 322, it feels like my legions is calming down and getting less raised. I hope the calm healing continues!
What i ate on day 319:

Breakfast: porridge with pumpkin carrot and dash of tumeric powder and press of garlic

Lunch: 2 toriq chicken balls and chicken chop horfun with egg

Day 320:

Breakfast: bbq pork rice at ion

Late lunch: roasted chicken rice 

Day 321:

Breakfast: roasted chicken subway wrap (lettuce cucumber honey mustard)

Lunch: vegetarian fried rice with egg at Hans Joo Koon

Dinner: porridge with pork/chicken mince meat

Day 322:

Breakfast: porridge with pumpkin, green veg and carrot

Lunch: tamago sushi, 2 salmon sushi, cucumber maki, salad (romaine lettuce, carrot, cucumber, chickpeas and roasted sesame dressing)


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