Just a long wait for my skin to heal bit by bit.. Just got to wait it out.. Cant be rushed. Ugh

These few weeks i’ve been reading around the internet. Sigh seems people’s eczema is nowhere as bad as mine. I have terrible raw red oozy cheeks, chin and a patch on forehead between eyebrows. Dang. Everywhere else is minor imho. The patches on my calves? Minor. Ankle? Minor. To other people its probably a big deal but after what i’ve been thru? Those are peanuts.

When i see the pics of those so-called eczema sufferers, gosh, so mild. I just have super severe eczema i guess. Bummer.

Cant take internet wisdom too literally because they’re not meant for super serious people like me. I’ve been doctoring myself. Yes. It sounds terrible. But what to do when conventional medicine doesnt help you as much? People think im crazy.

I think im watering a bamboo shoot that hasnt broke the ground and people think im pouring my money down the drain.

Hang in there Jo. 1 day at a time.

(Cant wait for skin to heal and toughen abit to continue purging candida!)

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