Day 642 – 1yr 9mth+ – Alittle better?

I feel alittle better. Just alittle. Still miserable and cant get a goodnight’s sleep.

My period is coming soon, and recently i’ve been craving to eat meat alot. I wonder if its related. So far, no intense PMS yet.

Since the last post, I feel like i might have got alittle depressed from the melatonin. Is it my imagination? I just have no mood for anything and i just wanna go home or even, not go to work and just stay at home. i skipped so much of my zumba lessons. I’ve never skipped so much before :S

Yesterday, my parents went to a religious medium to enquire about my health :S Its in these times that positive comments give you alittle comfort. Its said i stepped on some offerings for the dead and offended them. I’ve always been careful about those but sigh, who knew! Perhaps with the blessing of god, i will get better :S Fingers crossed! I will continue to work with the naturopath and tcm!

What i ate today: roast bbq pork rice x 2 + organic envy apples


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