Day 631 – 1yr 8mths+ – Face Flaring

Yesterday night was kinda crap. I felt my face was oozing and itchy. Today, i woke up and my face was totally very red. Aside from that patch, the surround areas were quite red. I dont know if thats the leftover of a very vexed weekend or if the Intestinew supplement is finally giving me the flare.

Kinda at a lost what to do now. Should i push on or stop the supplement? 😦

There are actually other places of flare. Theres red spots all over my thighs, some on my right arm and calves too. I hope im not exploding.

On monday i totally didnt sleep the night before so i skipped work and i went to the clinic to collect my Histamine Block (DAO enzymes) $48 for 30 capsules, ouch. Yesterday i took 1 capsule after dinner. Not much effect. Today i took 1 capsule with taking the intestinew supplement. Am i itching now? No… Just periodic/anxiety related itch i feel.

I am slightly calmer this week but still, im vexed by the progression of my face -_- SO RED. oh gosh. things can only go uphill when its at its lowest right? Im on the way going downhill now 😦

Last sunday i went to see the TCM, told him about my insomnia and stuff. He said he takes 3mg of sublingual melatonin, so probably 1mg doesnt work for me. I took 4mg on sunday night but still i couldnt sleep without waking midnight. Last night i took 150mg of magnesium. Woke up alittle more sane today. FXXX! I really hope to get good sleep and feel more sane.

1minute of Gratefulness:

  • Grateful that the legions on my calves are gone
  • Grateful for supportive parents
  • Grateful

What i ate:

Today: Rice with beansprouts, veg, cauliflower

Yesterday: Rice with dark green veg, chicken rice, rice crackers

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