Day 588 -1yr 7mths -Why?

Havent been feeling the best lately. I wonder if its because of the hormone madness during my period. Was feeling abit blue over the past few days. Its been more than 1 yr since im not working fulltime in the accounting line. This is definitely nagging at the back of my brain.

Why havent i went back to work? Cos of my face. I have a patch on my left cheek and my right cheek is getting worse -_- and my right ear is also getting worse. that patch has been there since the start of the year? -_- IT JUST HASNT HEALED. WHY?

WHY? Even when im eating conservatively and miserably vegetarian (no egg/milk) as much as possible -_-

Why aint i healing by leaps and bounds on a vegan diet?

Okay calm down Jo.

Things to be grateful for today:

  • Work place has airconditioning (It was darn hot the past few days)
  • fingers dont need micropore taping today (YAS!)
  • Ears are not TERRIBLY oozy today
  • Right arm can be off micropore tape
  • Left arm isnt paper thin fragile
  • Legs are manageable
  • Sleep has been sane enough
  • I can still pay for half my expenses


Maybe i need to seriously think about sleeping early. I have been sleeping past midnight lately. I hate waking up and i hate getting to bed. dam ~_~

When will i be able to resume my sustainable life? To earn enough for daily expenses and saving and spending… and travel? When will i be able to earn enough…….

What i ate:

Yesterday(sunday): green/mung bean soup with sweet potatoes, fried rice, rice with veg, some coffee cookies, coffee

Saturday: fish dumping with dry meepok noodles, yuzu bread from Johan, port egg tart, matcha latte from starbucks, chicken aglio olio (spicy AF)

Today: Rice with veg, cabbage and cauliflower, and a small lotus biscuit

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