Day 421 – super super lazy.

much has happened in the past few weeks. I’ve been so lazy omg. Partly is because i’ve been uberly addicted to an online game, Final Fantasy XIV. 

Skin wise… CONGRATS ME! I’ve crossed the 1 year mark! 

So for 1 year i just rolled downhills, downhills downhills until one fine week i was sick. I got sorethroat and fever. I went to see a GP. And had antibiotics. Which i detailed in the last post. And it changed.

Past few sessions with tcm was fine. He too acknowledged that antibiotics speed up the process. So antibiotics is not all bad yo! 

My skin recently has been alittle weird. Area around the left bad calf has shiny clingwrap skin for days on and off. 

My fingers are terrible.

And i have to tell you, a patch near my ear that is so red and raw and oozy that makes me SO annoyed. I have to keep wiping the ooze. Its in a bad position that i cant plaster it up. I hate all these dang unplasterable oozing places!

Also my neck is driving me crazy. It started afew weeks ago and it just got worse. At times i cant even turn my head without pain. Bummer. I feel like wrapping it so that i cant scratch it. Its so orgasmic to scratch though 😦 And this is what makes me not wanna shower. It hurts like mad when water hits it 😦 i bought a tub of Four Cows Farm Calendula remedy and have been applying it and also some zinc oxide alternating. Not sure what i should really be applying. 

My diet is downhills. I need to eat properly. Chocolate is my arch enemy!

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: nissin cream of chicken instant noodles

Snacks: ferrero rocher chocolate and small coconut water

Dinner: keisuke king tori ramen with ramen egg and slice of chocolate banana cake from cake spade

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