Day 307 – been flaring

i’ve been flaring. Last week there were signs and the tcm just declared that im flaring. Lol. Well, i suggested to him that i was.

My current symptoms:

  • Terrible itch at night -> cant sleep properly, wake every 2hrs or so
  • Red and raised spots
  • Terrible skin at places where its usually soft, clear and nice.

Wet clammy skin near ankles..

TSW is really unpredictable.. My taiwan trip in mid dec is giving me some stress :/ since i need to bunk with a relative… Gah.. If its a random outsider, i wont give a f. Im kinda darn tired of people commenting on my arm thats full of microtape patches. I swear i will tell the next nosey lady “dont ask” to shut them up. How i wish i could scrunch my face up and give them a “f off” kinda face. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: kfc porridge

Lunch: char siew rice

Junks: coffee bean’s red velvet cake


Day 307:

Lunch: yoshinoya’s chicken karage rice bowl and green bean soup with small slice of tapioca?

Dinner: chicken rice

Day 306:

Breakfast: char siew roast pork rice

Lunch: wrap (romaine lettuce, chickpeas, carrots, brocolli, roasted sesame dressing)

Dinner: chicken porridge

Junks: blackball milk tea without sugar and ice

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