Day 303 – more pimples & tcm?

I kinda panicked alittle yesterday when i saw so much spots on my thighs and arms. Emailed the tcm and he suggested that i see him today. And i did. Class was cold today and i developed some flu and was cold when i saw him. Told him that and he gave me some tablets. 5 tablets for 3 times a day! Gosh so many to swallow. 

My neck has been darn itchy and dry and bad skin. So is my face. Argh. 

But today i tried to dye my hair with La Riche Directions Cerise. Check out the pinkish test streaks! Afew days ago i bleached my hair. It didnt turn out as light and blonde as i wanted, but oh wells. 

What i ate:

Breakfast: kfc porridge

Lunch: subway roasted chicken with lettuce cucumber and honey mustard

Dinner: rice with onion and eggs, green veg, radish soup with dash of tumeric, clove of garlic

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