Day 302 – 10mths plus

its been a itchy scratchy night. Sigh. Woke up with my right hand having scratched off an elastic plaster. Its been kinda bad and itchy since the past few days. Is it because of the sugar? The souffle?

Also noticed my thighs is having some spots again. 

 So much plasters on my hand… 
Day 302:

Breakfast: kfc porridge 

Lunch: kfc original twister, mochi sweet potato imo, chocolate swiss roll

Junks: butter soda biscuit, 2 caramelised lotus biscuit

Dinner: rice with green veg and melon soup with a large clove of garlic and dash of tumeric

Day 301:

Breakfast: mcd sausage muffin and black tea

Lunch: ham and cheese bread and hoshino coffee’s fuwa fuwa egg souffle and rice with ham and mushrooms(waitress mentions that it contains beef stock)

Dinner: rice with ginger chicken and dark green veg

Day 300:

Lunch: hoshino coffee’s matcha souffle

Dinner: chicken horfun and chicken porridge

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