Day 288 – scratchy oozy

woke up to half raw knuckles and hands. The skin on my hands are kinda bad. Theres yellowish pimples sprouting! Its not those thats clear liquid filled vesicles. I think theres pus in it. It starts off and gets bigger and more yellowish, then some turns dark red and slowly fades?

I think i got to eat some garlic to get rid of it. Perhaps i will be a good girl, remove all my bandages and soak my palms in garlic water?

What i ate today:

Breakfast: kfc original twister (egg, mayo, chicken, tomato) and kfc egg tart 

Junks: caramelised cookie

Lunch: mcd seaweed fries, grilled chicken wrap(tomato, lettuce, chicken and mayo) and black lipton tea

Dinner: rice with herbal soup with sprinkles of tumeric and pea sprouts and dark green veg

So i soaked my hands after a LONNGG time of not soaking. I think i added too much acv. My fingers were so itchy and stingy in the water. I pressed about 3-4 cloves of garlic. Only soaked 5mins or so since its itchy. Sigh.  


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