Day 284 – ramen friday

The past few days have been really good actually, albeit today i woke up to a scratchfest. The victims are the right hand and right calf. Quite a big patch of pink skin. Been scratching my skin during my sleep recently…

But it seems this week is really a good week, despite menses is here. The areas on my thigh and neck which flared during the hong kong trip, is healing very well. In fact, they are soft and smooth now, though theres still some light brown/pink marks. I thought my neck/thigh skin feels so soft and smooth and moisturised(on its own). Its been a really long time since i felt such nice skin? Hahaha. 

But seems my arms arent doing too well. Its manageable. Daily, i’ll wake up to scratched legions. Nothing to worry about, i’ll just micropore tape it and get on with life. Well sometimes im lazy to tape and the next morning it gets oozy. My right hand is realy dry n crackly. The legions. 

Today i received a job introduction from a company’s HR on Linkedin. Looking at the job description alone makes me kinda stressed… I wonder if i could rejoin the accounting force. Or i i will even be decent enough for the interview with my hands looking like below

What i ate:

Breakfast: mcd sausage muffin

Lunch: chicken horfun soup

Junks: starbucks green tea latte

Dinner: ippudo akamaru ramen with egg and green tea latte with mochi, red beans and whip cream?

My stomach churned and bloat after dinner. I later had some runs after i got home. :S

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