Day 261/262 – spicy cheat

today. Day 262. I woke up in the middle of the night scratching my left leg…  Finally could not take it, sat up and re-wrapped my leg before i could sleep properly. In the morning, the calf was slightly red from all the scratching… I guess it MUST be the japanese curry i ate the night before -_-

Also on day 261, i soaked in applecider, tea tree oil and pressed 3 small cloves of garlic into it. This time i left the garlic for 15mins before dumping it into the pail. I was happy to find a green sprout in the french garlic! Goes to show green sprout garlics with REAL allicilin does exist in Singapore! 

 Was the itch from the garlic soak bacteria die off or the curry? Hmmm. I notice my right arm is getting more red lesions. And my neck has some too. 

Gah. My nose has been pretty blocked. The haze seems to be clearing up, i caught peeks of the blue sky that has eluded us for awhile. And it felt so cold today.

Day 261:

Breakfast: kfc original twister(tomato, scrambled egg, mayo?, toasted wrap) totally yums.

Lunch: isetan foodcourt’s japanese curry katsudon with sips of oolong tea and miso soup

Others: 2 toastbox egg tarts?

Day 262:

Breakfast: kfc porridge

Lunch: mcd’s grilled chicken wrap (tomato, lettuce? ) with fries and lipton tea

Others: cheese biscuit

Dinner: chicken bits, radish soup with a dash of tumeric 

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