Day 259 – zumba monday

i am really unable to sweat it out or jump around now -_- seems the pain on left foot is intensifying. 

Today my left foot feels clammy. Is it because of the weather? It rained abit today. And its hazy. 

And my throat and nose! I totally feel like im falling sick this morning. I mailed my tcm to tell him that. Well at night its better. Is it because of my comfort anime? Hahahahaha. 

About 2 weeks more til i go on holiday in hk with my sis. To be honest i am slightly worried. Worried about how my skin will react and if i will be comfortable. I am quite high maintenance now to be honest. I use fresh towels each night – 4 for my legs. To wrap them. I obviously cant afford so much towels when i travel. Wonder how it’ll work out with just 1 set. I am definitely bringing my stash of anti histamines with me.

What i ate:

Breakfast: sausage muffin and papaya and 1 cube of banana cake

Lunch: mcchicken with fries and prima deli egg tart 

Dinner: rice with veg and watercress soup

I ate mcd today because i wanted to study and do my japanese homework before my zumba class. Turns out great. I was productive and finished 1 homework! 

Day 258- lazy sunday

What i ate:

2x chicken rice and papayas

And oh yes. I woke up on sunday with my throat feeling quack. Sore? I bet its the haze. Probably it clogged my nose and there was nasal backflow. 

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