Day 251 – tcm sunday

I sold one of my CPA study material book for SGD40! Windfall. The hassle to rush there for the deal after tcm was worth it. 

The effects of acupuncture is always apparent… Less swollen tonight. My left leg groin area still have that swollen lymphnode.. Those on the right side are much smaller. Pea sized maybe

What i ate:

Lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: lailai kitchen’s roasted pork and charsiew rice and some caixin. And a tong heng eggtart.

Been wanting to buy some Gelatin to eat after the tcm mention that it maybe a good idea. Im kinda settled on Great Lakes collgen hydrolysate. I’ve been reading and reading… Is there a diff between collagen supplements and gelatin supplements? Are they the same? 

I’ve been alittle bumped about which to get. Cow or pork gelatin. Cow sources can be cleaner. Grassfed cows vs junk rubbish fed pigs… Then today i found out theres “marine source” collagen, which supposedly is better? So many different terms. Collagen peptides, gelatin, collagen hydrolysate etcetcetc. Thinking to just get the collagen hydrolysate since it seems easier to eat.

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