Day 250 – lazy saturday

Day 249 was crazy. Well theres no jpn class today, i worked til 11.30 and slacked around til evening, where i caught a show with my friend. Night of day 249 was crazy. What was it? Sugar? Nightshades? But for that evening, the area above my toes were not swollen and my foot looks less swollen than usual. 

Evening of day 249 was itchy like mad. I wanted to eat an antihistamine, drowsy one.. But heck. Was lazy and didnt take any. Thankful to have survived the night.

Day 250 had a good start but later that night, things swelled abit. But the swelling does seem abit less.

Stuff eaten on day 249:

Breakfast: fried rice vermicelli with chicken wing

Lunch: aston’s chargrilled chicken with brocolli, carrots and potato wedges

Junk: papaya, llaollao(banana, white chocolate sauce & crunch balls)

Dinner: nando’s mild spicy chicken pita (chicken tenders with spicy sauce, some nightshades…)

Day 250 food:

Late lunch: chicken rice

Junks: famous amos choco chip cookies, nougats, papaya, organic apple

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