Day 241 & 242 – big cheater

its raging. By the excuse of the bakery moving this weekend, i have been buying from the bakery daily. 

Went to see the tcm on thursday. He asked how im feeling about my condition HAHAHA. Not a good time. Im obviously half given up about it healing quickly and nicely. 

Apparently the menses herb he gave me last week was supposed to hasten the arrival of ze period. But no! It didnt quite work. Strange. It has been late for more than 1 week. How nice if there is herbs for it to come early! 

This morning i check my left leg. Theres little crusted over scab. Looked decent for a second. But meh. Not having much hope of it recovering anytime soon? 😦 it will be clean and raw for awhile before its full of peeling flaking skin. And stink. 

Decided to skip the outdoor zumba on friday. The PSI was about 150+ – 200. Decided to forgo $2.50 than live with negative health consequences. 

What i ate on  day 241:

Breakfast: fried rice vermicelli with fishballs

Lunch: chicken with rice strips/horfun and half a hardboiled egg

Junks: papaya, mini choco mochi bread, pringles sour cream potato chips

Dinner: rice with sweet sour pork and green veg

Day 242 (started new herb formula)

Breakfast: kfc porridge and lemon puff biscuit and 2 mini choco mochi bread and belgian choco waffle and papaya

Lunch: mcd fillet o fish with fries

Dinner: Nothing healthy. Ate a super sinful choco cornet and black angel(totally not worth my gluten budget!) 

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