Day 226 – dry day

Its surprising that today is a rather dry day, both in the morning and at night. Today i drank about 450ml of barley. Barley actually helps to reduce “wetness?” In the body? So wounds will appear less clammy and wet. It seems to work well for me. My mum throws in a packet of barley and water and cook/simmer for afew hours. Then the pot is drained and cooled then kept in the fridge to consume in a week or less.

Also scratched alittle less today… There is scratching but less…

Was pressing around the groins for lymphnodes and realise i have some pretty swollen ones on the left leg. Sigh. I felt 1 that is quite swollen. Probably size of 1cm big broad bean? I cant tell if some are surface legions or swollen pea lymphnodes below the skin :/ lately that areas been itchy and i’ve been scratching. Trying to scratch less. Right side’s lymphnodes are pea sized. 

What i ate:

Breakfast: fried rice vermicelli with fishball and egg(pioneer mrt) and sun biscuit

Lunch: llaollao sanum yogurt banana, chocorock sauce, crunchball

dinner: subway wrap roasted chicken breast with onion, lettuce, cucumber, honey mustard sauce

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