Day 225 – scratch fest

woke up with my hands in a rather reddish state. Also it was only when i looked at my foot that i realised i had scratched my left ankle/foot too. The whole area was so red and raw! Applied some lemon grass cream before i gauzed up to go out.

Went to the supermarket to buy some biscuits to stockpile at the company. :S excuses i know right! 

Felt so sleepy and dead and unable to process during class. I wonder if its caused by a lack of sleep or what… 

Came home, showered and soaked my feet in acv/epsom salt/tea tree oil. Its kinda oozy tonight 😦

What i ate:

Breakfast: fried beehoon with fishball and banana cake and chocolate wafer

Lunch: sumo salad’s romaine lettuce salad with carrot, chickpeas, rice vermicelli, and lemon juice dressing

Dinner: rice with brocolli and cauliflower and pork and carrot


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