Day 212 – 214 -> the same thing happens

day 212 

What i ate: 

Breakfast: fried beehoon with fishballs

Lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: seasalt lentil chips

Left leg swelled quite abit today. Maybe its because of the hives lately.

Day 213 – same old

What i ate:

Breakfast: kfc chicken porridge

Lunch: chicken horfun

Junk: 1 bread talk marble bread

Dinner: rice with soup and veg and some chicken

I ordered a new pair of Nike shoes – flyknit zoom agility for zumba and it was delivered! My left leg was swollen but fits. But not comfortable since the toe area is narrow and my leg is swollen there. But the shoe is surprisingly bouncy 🙂 

Today theres new hives spots in the morning, weird. It wasnt extremely cold. Bought hot tea to drink during the class. 

Day 214 – improvement

What i ate today:

Breakfast: mcd’s chicken muffin with egg and hashbrown

Lunch: some leftover bread from yesterday

Dinner: shilin chicken with veg and soup and some pork cooked in soup

This morning, there is some new hives spots but not alot. Its a great improvement compared to afew mornings. Decided to wear a thin longsleeve turtle neck shirt out. 

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