Day 211 – japanese class hives attack?!

mailed my TCM doctor again and went to meet him today. So he said its hives. HIVES! From ITSAN, its said that tsw people get it near the end of their withdrawl journey. But wtf! I dont think im even halfway through yet! Not really a time for me to be “happy” about getting this new symptom 😦

Suspicions: it cant be the food. I have gotten it consecutively two days in a row. And it starts during japanese class. It must be it. I suspected that it might be the aircon too cold. But seriously, im fine with the temperature and dont really need to wear a jacket. Today i brought my thin jacket along and somehow felt its slightly better? But stilllll! Eruptions everywhere. And this evening i noticed my thighs are spotty and red! I hope its the hives from cold and not a flare!

My right hand or rather palm is so not doing well. Feels alittle painful at the edge where there is the cracks 😦 and middle finger underside is alittle swollen and tender to touch. 

I had wanted to eat some sugar loaded llao llao yogurt today but passed 😦 i wonder if it will aggravte the hives.

What i ate today:

Breakfast: fried beehoon with fishcake and egg

Lunch: eggtart and charsiew pastry

Dinner: rice with brocolli and pork


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