Day 207 – 209

Day 207 – itch?

its weird that i scratch quite the most in office.

What i ate today:

Lunch: chicken rice

Junks: lotus biscuit, banana, 

Dinner: cant remb! Lol

Day 208 – acupuncture day

Had a mini scratch fest in bed. Was scratching the left calf, near the healthy skin -_-

Todays acupuncture was slightly different. More needles around right leg, but doesnt seem to feel much difference. 

What i had:

Lunch: chicken hor fun from ion and fizzy h20

Dinner: charsiew rice from lailai and chocolate jidanzai

Day 209 – indoor baseball batting!

Lunch: coco ichiban’s chicken cutlet curry rice

Junks: korean green tea/mango bingsu

Dinner: soup spoon’s chicken peppery soup (alittle itchy after dinner)

Went to a batting cage to bat baseball/softball for the first time. It was quite fun, although i was a total noob and hit so little times. 

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