Day 204 – 206

Day 204 – peace

Woke up today, skin didnt ooze exceptionally much.

What i ate:

Lunch: fishball rice vermiceilli

Dinner: sweet sour pork with rice?

Day 205 – itchy day

Emailed my tcm again, to tell him that wow, tonight the swelling is significantly less, despite today being a f! Itchy day for me. My toes were kinda raw when i took my socks off during the shower. But the feet wasnt very swollen at all tonight. 

I went to Orchard for Ikoma’s placement test(not really a test, just discussion of what i have studied at Bunka) . They have Bunka’s curriculum *amazed* . I ended up eating mcd as dinner at 9pm -_- still abit stressed about how to go about enrolling.

What i ate:

Lunch: salmon chilli don 

Junks: papaya, banana, pocky, dousha bing

Dinner: mcd’s grilled chicken wrap(lettuce, tomato slice..) and twister fries 😦 i know i sinned

Day 206 – peace

What i ate: 

Lunch: buckwheat pasta with chicken fillet and boiled carrots

Junks: papaya, dousha bing, pocky

Dinner: rice with brocolli, cauliflower and sweet sour pork with soup and 2 instant lava chocolate cake

It was alittle itchy after eating the chocolate lava cake. I wonder if theres any connection -_- also realise i tend to fart abit after eating this instant chocolate cake. BUT ITS THE LAST OF IT. Not gonna buy anymore. And with this it starts my “no extra sugar” fast. 

My left leg is slightly more swollen that yesterday night. Didnt go out today. Was it why?

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