Day 201 – 6mths 21 days

Woke up today, my left leg is in its least swollen state. Looks abit like my right leg. Slightly happy. But thats not to say it remained that way today. As usual, it quickly swelled back to its swollen size. :S when will the ooze broken skin stop?! Dam

What i ate today:

Lunch: chicken rice

Junks: olivaforte, 1 small tabun biscuit, rooibos tea, sugarfree barley, left over rosemary lentil chips

Dinner: Stir fried horfun with pork and fish cake and frozen instant chocolate lava cake 

Legs were abit itchy today. Also today i tried stephanie apothecary’s lemon grass balm today. Its abit gooey compared to the thick zinc balm, but has a nice smell. Right leg was itching and i applied some on it. Seems to be calming. 

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