Day 197 & 198

Day 197 – lazy tuesday

Been googling and googling about japanese language JLPT. Thinking to take n3 or n4 😦 i wonder if bunka still have vacancy. 

What i ate:

Lunch: chicken fillet with buckwheat pasta and mung bean sprouts!

Others: pineapple tart, rice crackers, papaya 

Dinner: sweet sour pork with rice, veg

Day 198 – mini scratch fest

Feet was kinda oozy yesterday, but overall a dry day. Morning it rained big again, and i slept thru it. I applied desitin last night and hmm, ended up scratching the feet area quite abit. Today i applied desitin again before covering with gauze to go to work. TCM emailed me a chinese article, wtf, it aint even “normal chinese”, cant read it. 

What i ate:

Lunch @ menichi: ramen with half egg, 2piece charsiew, 1 small bamboo sprout, black fungus

Others: rice cracker, olivaforte, lactogg, begawan solo banana cake slice, kueh lapis slice, mcd apple pie, 2pcs mcwings, small triangle of watermelon

Dinner: Rice with sweet sour pork, spinach? 


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