Day 196 – zumba monday

I woke up today to a big stormy monday. It was so hard to get up! I wanna hug my blanket and sleep in! But i woke up, reluctantly and was joining my sister to lament the wet monday morning. The kitchen was semi flooded because the windows were wide open. It was cold. I tread the wet & cold kitchen carefully to make myself a cup of rooibos tea to warm myself up. It sucks to be cold! I realise my tolerance for cold is dwindling. I NEED to be warm. I wonder if the recent change in tcm herbs has anything to do with it.

What i ate today:

Breakfast: kfc porridge(fried chicken bits with pepper, green onions )

Junks: khong guan sugar biscuit, Protein shake, gluten seasoned bread biscuit, rice crackers

Lunch: chicken rice with sips of soup with llaollao yogurt (black chocolate, bananas, choco balls) and starbucks’ green tea latte

Late Dinner: rice with bits of chicken and green leafy veg with melon soup. 

Im bought a packet of OlivaForte to try. Its quite pricey at $85 a pack of 60 capsules. Im not really hopeful about my skin’s conditions at 6mths plus of TSW. Did i expect myself to have better skin? I think so. 

Summary of skin:

  • Arms are fine now, except for spotty red dots which are mostly scratchmarks. Its dry, but it doesnt really bother me. 
  • Fingers have oozy patches. 
  • Left palm is great. Right palm has some dry areas near little finger. 
  • Left leg is a mess and spreading. 
  • Right leg is kinda messy this month.
  • Thighs are spotty but otherwise fine.
  • Back/torso is fine.
  • Face – cheeks are abit dry and itchy. Pinkish red.
  • Neck/chest – mostly fine but areas near collarbone has patches of pink around

TODAYS ZUMBA CLASS WAS GREAT! Hahaha. *post zumba high* 🙂

Also after zumba class i had a slight stomach run -_- WHAT IS IT? Maybe it was the fly that landed on my yogurt before i could swat it away. Maybe it was yesterday’s salmon chilli padi don? Or it was the protein shake? No idea -_-

**i messed up the dates somewhereee due to my phone’s counting app update. But im just gonna start today as day 196 regardless!

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