Day 196 – productive

Family wanted to have a photoshoot, so we went today. Im so against it because of my skin. Sounds familiar? But today my condition isnt too bad. My cheeks are reddish but not fiercely red. I dont know if the guy will photoshop it off. Hahaha. Also took my professional photo, since im there and i didnt have mine taken. Great that they’ll touch up the photo! 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: rice vermicelli with cabbage

Lunch: charsiew with chinese noodles and krispy kreme sugar donut with belgian chocolate icecream (toppings: walnuts, peanuts and cookie shavings and chocolate sauce)  with HIC sangria smoothie (non alcohol)

Dinner: chicken rice with chewy junior

I know right! I ate alot of food thats high in allergens! And im busting my sugar limit for these 2 days. -_-


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