Day 179 & 180 – shake it!

Day 179 – peace

Its a work day today, got up and gauzed and got to work. Been deciding what to do with my TSW days. TCM advised to take a break for 3 months. Lovely and i would want to. Who wants to work anyway? But its a fact that the longer the break, the bigger the impact on my resume. SO. I need to do something. And i found something that i might wanna do. Pick up my japanese again? Hmmm. 

What i ate today:

Lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: rice with veg and a box of 90g danish butter cookies and mini wife biscuit and pineapple pastry (so saddd. Mum didnt cook much meat when i came home from a meat craving :S)

Day 180 – hungry day

Woke up rather early today? Hahahaha. I wonder why i keep wanting to snack. Like i’ve been eyeing that bag of lundeberg rice chips for ages. And the box of wife biscuits. Argh. Tried to chugg water thinking im dehydrated. But i still wanna eat. Even now when im full from the protein shake, i still kinda wanna munch on something!

Protein shake taste

Hmmm, how do i describe it? It smells alittle like milo or chocolate drink, but its not sweet enough. Its alittle bland but drinkable. I guess people would love for it to be sugar free, but this formula has some sugar in it.

Lunch: chicken fillet with allittle buckwheat pasta. And mini wife biscuit and pineapple pastry

Mid afternoon: protein shake 1 scoop, 1000mg vit c, 4 red bean paste riceballs, lactogg

Dinner: Rice with sweet sour pork and veg and watercress soup

Hmmm, feels like my legs are quite weepy tonight. Im wondering if my ooze did drip inbetween my toes and onto the floor.. :S

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