Day 178 – mcd cheating

today.. Wanted to wake early to read but omg. I finally peeled myself outta my bed around 2pm. Then my brother came and asked if i want mcdelivery take out. I sucumbed to the temptation unfortunately.

What i ate: 

Late lunch: 4 piece mcwings, medium fries and apple pie

Snacks: wife biscuit..

Dinner: rice with veg, some chicken and carrot/radish soup

I find that im cheating so much lately. 😦 i meant to avoid ALL PROCESSED FOOD but find my discipline waning. 😑 i need to stepup my game!

Skin feels not too bad today except my left leg is really tight and swollen. Im so not looking forward to work tomorrow. Also, im sneezing so much today. Im not sure if its flu or an allergic reaction 😦 my father was experiencing some flu-ish reactions afew days ago, i hope he has not passed it to me!


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