Day 177 – zumba day

The night was rather peaceful. Woke up in the middle of the night around 4.30am. Cant remb for what. Was it a dream? Or sudden realisation that i might be late for work? Lols.

Half a day of work (slack) and went to grab cup of yogurt. My lunch had 2 strands of hair omg -_-. Surprised n glad they refunded me though

What i ate today:

Breakfast: 4 rice cakes , 2 wife biscuit, 1 pineapple tart

Lunch: llao llao (hazel nut sauce with banana and CRunch) and yoshinoya beef with veg and afew spoons of rice and starbucks latte grande

Dinner: Rice with veg… Pea Sprouts i think. 

I had 2 hours of zumba today. It was so fun! I danced until my legs felt numb. My feet to be precise. My left leg was always very swollen and so, it felt like alittle numb and i try to wriggle my toes which are like alittle hurting. 

My right leg was also alittle numb. I scratched it alittle at work and it was oozed alittle much at the ankle. So when i got home, it too, was numb. It also seemed alittle swollen. Sucks when i was having sucha great time at zumba 😦 my toes 2 and 3 (big toe is no 1) were weirdly numb. Theres a patch of red near the 2 toes though. Was it the reason? :S 

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