Day 165, 166 & 167 – protein powder decisions

day 165 – Reported for part time work today. Hating the rush hour commute 😦 so thankful that i dont need to work the next day! also, im oozing more today. Not sure from what. 

Lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: cant remb. Rice with veg?

Day 166 – still oozing more. I was a good girl and boiled the tcm herb wash. It still ooze though after washing. 

What i had: 

lunch: buckwheat pasta with 200g chicken and cai xin

Dinner: rice with cai xin veg and melon soup

Day 167 – Work day. Still oozing. This morning i smacked lots of zinc oxide at the area newr the toes. Its just weeping abit too much for comfort. Also, Left leg is so swollen today! Took my shoe off and found it so tight to wear it back when i left work. 

What i had: 

lunch: chicken rice

Dinner: shilin fried chicken cutlet

Think i shall go ahead and place an order for the protein. 

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