Day 164 – peace

Woke up from my alarm at 10am+ but didnt get outta bed. Was so tireeedd. Good thing was that theres no extreme scratch fest. Theres some scratching but not much damage done. Its just some light scratching 🙂 Also cooked my own lunch today. It was bland, but whatever 🙂

What i ate today:

Lunch: brown rice vermicelli with chicken and xiao bai cai (bak choy/bok choy) (microwave defrosted the frozen lean chicken and then straight to cook in water, with veg and vermicelli)

Others: lactogg, 1000mg vitamin c, slice of begawan solo banana cake and aerius/desloratadine anti histamine after dinner

Dinner: ichiban sushi’s Chawanmushi(no prawn inside), curry katsu chicken with rice, slice of watermelon, nana green tea’s matcha parfait (red bean azuki, milk, corn flakes, green tea icecream, green tea block of icecream, green kanten jelly)

Today is another hot day. Sweating so much in the afternoon. My friends confirm the same. So its not that im feeling weird!

Popped an anti histamine after dinner. Felt a little itchy in the legs after shower at night. Hopefully theres no flare! 

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