Day 163 – scratch fest?

Woke up at 4am today, scratching my right calf to bits… Scratch scratch, managed to stop and calm myself down and go back to sleep. I know im scratching madly and doing damage. Yet i cant just stop and pull my nails away! But anyway, re-apply new tissue to the area for the ooze from scratching, wrapped the towels n went back to sleep. Was it because of food?

What i ate today:

Late lunch: chicken rice

Late dinner: rice with veg and watercress soup (didnt eat watercress though) 

Junks: sun biscuit and wife biscuit, lactogg and 500mg of vitamin c and can of crysanthemum tea

Went for zumba. First hour at 6 was half dead. Then i drank a can of sugary chrysanthemum tea and was jumping around the next hour *w* aww man. Today is so fun. Its also the first time i sweat and groove with satisfaction after awhile *still feeling the high from the dance class*

Also, my neck feels awesome today. I mean it has been awesome for some time but today i sort of “suddenly” realise it. Sometimes your skin gets so shitty and while its healing, you sort of forgot about it. So its really smooth today. I remember during the worst days, it crusted alittle on my pillow. April was quite a bad month for my neck from the salmon soup flare. My lymphnodes were alittle swollen. But now its 90% gone. I wont say 100%, i like to feel around the area where the swollen lymphnodes were and to be honest i dont know if its the skin fold or a swollen node. But its barely there. So yeah 🙂 i wonder if it has to do with sweating and the hot weather recently. It has been a rather hot singapore weather and i have been sweating much on my neck and chest. Good thing i suppose, though its uncomfy. 

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