Day 162 – outside food day

Parents went to malaysia for a daytrip today. So all my food, i got to settle them myself. Went out to meet a friend today, and end up eating everything outside.

Breakfast: ippudo akamaru black garlic oil with miso paste, runny egg and charsiew with cabbage and bamboo shoots inside

Junks: banana pie from Mcd, llao llao yogurt(banana and chocolate), taiwan buttery sun biscuit, cups of herbal tea and a slice of papaya

Late Lunch: chicken rice (half portion)

Dinner: chicken rice (the other half)

Thinking seriously about adding a protein supplement. Should i eat L-glutamine or some whey/casein protein? Hmmm…

And 😱 starting next week i probably need to cook for myself on my off days. 

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