Day 160 – chicken rice’s protein

Today i finally weighed the cooked chicken in the packet of chicken rice. Its about 70grams. Theres some cucumber in it too. So probably the true weight is 60-70g. 

From what i have gathered on the body building forums, seems theres 30g in 100g of cooked chicken breast. So probably in my packet of daily chicken rice, there is 30 x 0.7 = 21gram of protein

Not too bad. For sedentary women my weight, around 50kg, i need 50 x 0.4 = 20g so a packet of chicken rice a day fulfils my protein needs assuming im not shedding skin or oozing or have wounds. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice

Vitamins etc: none and papaya slices, cups of herbal tea

Dinner x2: rice with some 3 small brocolli bites, dark green veg and melon soup cooked with chicken. Also some char siew on 2nd serving

Feeling calm today after dinner. I was scratching my right calf last night rather madly. See the pink patch in btm right corner? Havent been scratching my legs at night for afew weeks.  

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