Day 158 – be brave day

Today is a day i need to be brave and take it a day at a time. Its another of those days where i felt so hopeless. Like is my left leg gonna get worrrsseee?! 

Ze left leg is so swollen and fiercely red and raw.. I start to wonder if theres any implications of long term inflammation :S like is there anything i should watch out for?? 

Gah. I was insecure today and went looking through the pics and blogs of other TSW warriors. Their skin in withdrawl looks pink. My left leg looks raw and fierce? Like the wounds u get when u fall and scratch the skin raw? Sigh. I dont know if its TSW and to leave it, wait it out, or see a professional wound care specialist or something like that. Bah. Im really having thoughts if i should see my dermatologist(the one who gave me steroids) about this leg wound. Its been 5mths..

What i ate today:

Breakfast: chicken rice

Vitamins: lactogg (one) and vitamin c

Snacks: afew slices of papaya, 2 overnight dinata portugese egg tart, 1 of my sis’s homebaked egg tart and a cup of luo han guo herbal tea

Dinner x2: green veg with rice and melon soup 

Skin was calm after dinner. 🙂 


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