Day 157 – tcm acupuncture day

Painful day. Nuff said. I have cleared my previous doubt actually. Its not that my pain tolerance has decreased but the acupuncture intensity has increased -_- he asked if i felt the increased intensity (i was wondering to self: why is it like today’s leg needles so painful?!) 

Trying to eat a low salicylate diet. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: rice noodles with stir fried green veg and cabbage

Lunch: chicken rice (skipped the cucumbers) and llaollao yogurt(my salvation!) with bananas and chocolate crunch + chocorock sauce! 

Junks: dinata portugese egg tart & tong heng egg tart

Dinner: rice with brocolli and carrots and water cress soup (did not eat the watercress) 

After dinner… Wasnt THAT itchy, though brocolli and watercress are high salicylates. 

Feeling alittle lost. Is my skin still tsw or a chronic big wound? Sigh…

Today my right index finger and right little finger feels alittle fragile. Also the area on extreme left of right palm :S 

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