Day 154 – the eczema diet

Well today, i actually planned to eat out for lunch. But oh wells, last minute cancellations…

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice

Junks: luo han guo, slice of papaya, rice cracker, tongheng egg tart

Supplement: lactogg 1 tab and 2tabs of vitamin c

Mid-day meal & dinner x2: rice with veg (cabbage, carrots, cauliflower..)

Today i finally read half of the eczema diet book by Karen Fischer. Lots of interesting stuff. I need to check if im allergic to salicylates. It seems like a big thing. And i finally learnt how antihistamines work and its reactions with the kidney’s detoxification process… Now is not the time for me to take milk thistle… thinking of taking some supplements.. Mmm not sure if its a good idea to start another new supplement now

Today after soaking in ahava dss and 4 drops of tea tree oil, legs feel okay.. Then i boiled the herb wash from tcm. I feel its quite thick today. But stilllll… Its not very drying? What am i doing wrong -_-? Or is it that the raw patches will ooze no matter what? 

I need to be positive… 

On a side note i kinda miss the 3 day juice cleanse… *w* yummy juices and nut milks…


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