Day 152 – picture update

well i was lazy yesterday about mth 5’s picture progress. Here is it:

Today i received my LactoGG finally, after a long time. Its a 1-strain probiotic that has quite alot of research and with particular effectiveness related to eczema. I think the US brand name is culturelle or something. Im starting it this week on 1 capsule a day and see if theres any die-off effects. And i bought mine from Healthchamps sg, it came with a handwritten note and a nice tote bag. How sweet!

  What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice

Junks: a bite of durian swiss roll cake, a bite of beard papa custard bun, afew rice crackers, one ma ti su pastry and a banana.

Vitamins: vit c 2 tablets i think and lactogg.

Dinner x2: rice with spinach and bittegourd soup. Ate a piece of pork rib cooked in soup. 


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