Day 150 – tcm acupuncture day

so i went to see the tcm today for acupuncture. Gosh today’s session is by far the most painful ~_~ have my tolerance for the pain decreased?! There is needles near the sensitive belly area to fight off potential pms flares.. So yeah. Gosh, im so glad the session ended!! 

This morning i woke up at a humanly 9am. Great. Mom woke me up. Good 🙂 carefully unwrapped my legs and great! Saw my toes area abit more dry with no live ooze. 

Today felt my left foot is so f-ked. The skin dried, so its like alittle painful to walk properly. I think its correct to say im half limping. 

I went bag hunting today after tcm. But didnt buy anything. Cant decide to buy at the shop or online. Online is more expensive but theres the style/colour that i want. Decisions. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast: vegetarian beehoon with REAL veg. Not those flour stuff.

Lunch: chicken pepper rice

Dinner: rice with veg and watercress soup

My right arm and wrist felt so red and itchy after dinner. Not sure if the soup was the cause for histamines. Hmm. 

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