Day 138 – peace

been trying to sleep human hours. LOL. Things happen when i dont have work and being at home. My body clock can go haywire. Yesterday i slept around 2.30am. Bad. I know right. 

Skin feels less itchy today, though my calves still feel itchy. Got to fight urges to scratch!

Somehow i feel that soaking in acv/dss/tea tree makes my legs look slightly better and also feel better. Cleaner in a sense? Today i also tried to exfoliate alittle and cut off more dead skin from that patch. Aint no wanna get stinky dead skin.

Symptoms listing:

  • Red sleeves: minor
  • Oozing: yes mainly on legs, fingers just alittle
  • Left leg edema/swelling + weeping and alittle blood (its so swollen and ugly!)
  • Right leg minimal/no swelling dry crusted patches
  • Sleep: good! Mostly sleep through the night

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: chicken rice with 3 spoons tcm

Dinner x 2: rice with bak choy(xiao bai cai) and chicken stir fried in garlic with tcm med

Also ate 1-2 vitamin c tablets..

Skin on legs:


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