Day 135 – alittle itchy..

today is post TCM day. Woke up around 2pm by my noisy parents, lol. 

Played rune factory all day today. Im already alittle bored. Maybe i should start looking for part time work soon? Mmm…

Parents cooked the herb wash today. Im full of question marks regarding how to use it. Oh wells.

Skin is alittle itchy today. Itching areas: right forearm, left and right calf. Its weird that today, the oozing is yellow. :S

In the evening i bathed and finally used the wash that the tcm gave me. Mum helped to cook it. The wash smells… :S its like green bean soup. Its green-ish. I didnt wash it off though. 

I realise i havent been postig pics lately. So here is it. My right arm is weird. Forearm is abit itchy today. It seems like there is some redness. I hope the red sleeve doesnt come back. Its slightly patchy patchy red. 

What i ate today:

Breakfast/lunch: juliet organic apple and mince pork/veg porridge

Lunch: breakfast porridge again

Snack: rice cracker

Dinner: rice with sweet sour pork, steamed chicken, brocolli


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