Day 121 – monday groooove~

sleep yesterday night was VERY choppy. I woke up scratching and checked the time… Omg its only 12.50am? Slept and woke and slept and woke. Scratched my right calf raw. No bleeding, just oozing. 

Thinking hard if i should wear short sleeve to zumba today or go in my long sleeve turtle neck. Maybe i shall see during evening if my skin holds up and is presentable… But hey! Come evening, i rolled my sleeves up! Its the first time in afew weeks that my arms has gone public. And i wore the Fitbit charge HR during zumba! Its abit itchy though, cos the strap was silicon and non breathable. Made my fragile wrist sweat alittle there. I think my arms looks DECENT enough to be exposed. Its still reddish in the crooks of elbow though. But glad! Hehe 🙂 zumba playlist was awesome today! 🙂 energy level was good, better than last week! Was it the chicken + pork rice or?

My pants are like sliding off my ass. I think i need a new belt. I have lost like 7kg so far. From 58 pre TSW til now, im hovering around 51 now. I lost like 4kg in the past mth? Perhaps im not eating enough for wound healing..?

What i ate today:

Breakfast: guotiao with bits of egg, bean sprouts and juliet organic apple

Lunch: nasi lemak (coconut white rice with fried chicken wing, 2 fried fish cake, cucumber, fried ikan bilis) and papaya. 

Snack: lemon ginger tea, lemon grass ginger tea

Dinner: chicken rice with roast pork

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