Day 118 – itchy day

what i ate today:

Breakfast: 3 rice cakes with pickled radish and juliet organic apple

Lunch: bread crumb coated fried chicken cutlet with rice and mushroom sauce *alittle itchy after lunch, fingers feel kinda weepy*

Dinner: colleague treated me to farewell dinner at Sushi Tei 🙂 Salmon sashimi 1 piece, salmon mentaiyaki(alittle), salmon belly sushi, ramen(alittle), sukiyaki soup and veg, potato crepe? 

Skin is PAPER thin today. I only scratched ABIT and it bleed lots! Wtf. It bleed, not ooze! Gosh. Is it cos my period is nearing again? Gah! I can sense a flare coming..

I bought some EsterC vitamin c today. Shall start eating 3 a day… 

Also – i finally submitted an appointment with TCM Mark as recommended on the fb group… Alittle worried, hope to bring my mum along for the first visit. Though people say he is a nice doctor.

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