Day 116 & 117

day 116:

What i ate: just dinner, 1 meal with no meat. Rice with some green sprout & soup

Day 116 is unusually calm. Its my day off, so i slept. When nobodys to disturb my sleep and when theres no alarm set, i slept and woke up at 5pm! Pig i know right πŸ™‚ Its orgasmic to sleep when not itching. πŸ™‚ i went to bed around 1am though

Day 117:

Woke up after afew hrs of sleep(slept ard 1am+). It was a calm night too, except sleep was erratic and kinda hard to fall asleep. Woke up with my right arm towel sleeve gone and with raw scratch marks. But damage is little compared to afew weeks before πŸ™‚

What i ate:

Breakfast: juliet organic apple & 3 rice cakes with pickled radish & dandelion root tea

Lunch: Rice with veg, fried fish fillet, soy sauce chicken, papaya and lemon ginger tea

Dinner: Watercress soup with veg and rice

Scratched alittle after shower cos i was slow to put on the cream. Skin is alittle thin and fragile today -.- scratched my thighs n it bled alittle! Wtf. And my palms is like omg unusually thin and fragile today. There was spots of white itchiness and oozed abit 😦 hope it toughens up!

There is step aerobics today but i didnt attend. Felt like my arm is still crappy to be shown to public. 

Interesting talk: fecal transplant > probiotics?

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