Day 114 – calm

last night was very restless. Keep scratching here and there.

What i ate today:

Breakfast: 3 chwee kueh and 1 juliet organic apple

Lunch: ipoh horfun ( rice strips with mushroom and chicken breast) and small cup of chocolate strawberry ice cream and small slice of chocolate swiss roll cake

Dinner: Lai lai’s roast pork rice ! I hope its histamine level is low enough. Skipping charsiew since they need to marinate the meat.

Gosh. Couldnt resist the swiss roll choco cake. Colleague gave it to me. It taste heavenly. Luckily in the afternoon, the itch is bearable, not too intense. 🙂 

And i went for zumba in the evening!! Energy levels today is better than past 2 weeks. At least i feel better today. And today, i moved enough to feel hot in my turtle neck long sleeve. Felt like pulling my sleeves up to ventilate but nah! The skin might scare people. 🙂

Happy healing people!

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